Diabetes really is a mean old hag. I returned to work three weeks ago from a year off on maternity leave and in that whole year off, I received maybe three-five phone calls from Marcus saying that he wasn’t feeling well or was really low. Today, while at work, my […]

Loopy Low

Last night Marcus had a site change.  I neglected to let him know in the morning that he was going to have one before dinner so when he got home we had some issues and attitude with the notice. In the past several months we have had issues with Marcus […]

No Delivery

Amazing news was released this week when Hershey announced the release of  Reese’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate Spread.  Awesome!  The catch, it isn’t available in Canada yet. It is high in carbs but guess what, I don’t care and I know the boys won’t care either.  With 20 CHO for […]

For the Love of Chocolate and Peanut Butter

We all know that the A1c is only a small representation of the last three months of blood sugars and parents like me and most people I know stress about this tiny glimpse into their diabetes management. I always feel like a failure when we walk into clinic sick to […]

Ain’t Nothing But A Number

Today marks one year that Marcus has been pumping and it is also his last day of Grade Three.  It has been one heck of a diacoaster ride this past year. I remember the pump training so vividly that I felt like he was diagnosed all over again.  No one […]


Any person who lives with diabetes of any kind knows that there is a certain juggling act that is relevant in each of our day-to-day lives. Parents who have a child or more than one child with T1D have more juggling to do. We have to juggle between sports, meals, […]

Balancing Act

These two things are not directly related – at least not in my house – however the similarities between the two were evident when Marcus was diagnosed in 2011.  Middle of the night blood sugar checks and fast acting carbs fed to him while he is half asleep due to […]

Babies and Diabetes

In our house we love the Accu-Chek mobile blood glucose meters however, the current generation doesn’t live up the expectations that we had set after living with the previous generation for almost two years. The main differences between the meters are the size (thickness), weight, the ability to not lose […]

Accu-Chek Mobile Metres – In Review

We Marcus started pumping on June 26 (with saline and also his last day of Grade 2) and on July 3 (with Nova Rapid). I was more nervous than I thought I would be when we went live with insulin.  I knew then that the pump would help us a […]

Infusion Sets, Insulin and Site Changes. Oh, my!

Wednesday night was one of the scariest nights that I have had since Marcus’ diagnosis. It was even scarier than his 1.9 a few weeks after his DX. Marcus has soccer twice a week, Monday and Wednesday.  Last night we were in a rush to get ready and get to […]


I know I have been MIA for a while but we are in the middle of blending households, selling Ty’s place, the start of soccer season, JDRF Walk Committee meetings and the year end parent council meetings. Please forgive me if this post doesn’t seem too coherent. These past few […]

New D Kid on the Block

HAWMC_2012_dayprompt-3 1
Welcome to Day 3 however today is supposed to be a wordless wednesday but sadly this requires some explination. Below is Marcus’s “kit” it goes everywhere with us and it is like having a baby all over again with respect to always having to bring it with us like a […]

#HAWMC Day 3 – Wordless Wednesday